Reagan Homes wants to cultivate a relationship with you.  We want to work with you to serve your clients and ours in the best way possible, and in a way that is mutually beneficial to you as the realtor and Reagan Homes as the general contractor.

Do you have customers looking for a new home or needing to renovate their existing home?

When customers first come to you for a new home, present options! Maybe none of the current market listings offer exactly what they are looking for.  They may prefer a new, custom built home in southeastern, CT, a perfect choice when they work with the right general contractor. (View our available building lots here.) We can act as your preferred home builder for any land lots in your active listings, or for clients who have purchased land and want to build.  We can evaluate land for important aspects such as lot feasibility, development costs, and how to maximize value and minimize expenses in terms of home placement.

We will work one-on-one with you and/or your customers to create the perfect custom home package. You can refer with confidence, knowing that our team is committed to considering the client’s needs, best interest and complete satisfaction throughout every step of the construction process. Partner with us and enjoy the many benefits we offer you and your customers! Learn more and contact Reagan Homes today!

Do you have customers who want to list land for sale?

Team up with us and sell land faster! Working closely with you and landowners, we create custom home packages to suit your customers’ land listings.  Compared to raw land, most potential home buyers prefer the certainty of a home package. They know the total projected cost of the completed home.  Additionally, with our beautiful custom home designs, floor plans and features laid out before them, they can better envision the finished home on the property, which helps ease the sale. (View sample custom home plans here.) If selling land listings faster appeals to you, contact Reagan Homes today!

Realtor Workshops

Discover the many rewards of working with Reagan Homes! At our educational realtor workshops, learn how we team together to create winning solutions for you and your customers. Plus, understand the ins and outs of the custom home building process so you can be confident explaining the key elements to your customers.

Learn about the advantages and features of our special realtor program and how it benefits you and your customers. The realtor workshops are tailored to meet your needs and schedule, so contact us today! Receive notifications of exciting opportunities to partner with Reagan Homes on individual properties and multi-lot developments.

The Realtor Workshop is right for you if you have customers who:

  • Want a new home
  • Wish they could build a new home
  • Can’t find the perfect existing house
  • Want to sell or develop land
  • Want to renovate their home


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