Using Fire to Add Beauty to Your Landscape

There is something so comforting about gathering with your friends and family in a space with the beauty and warmth of a roaring fire. Whether that’s toasting off ingredients for s’mores around a fire pit, or livening up a pool party with fire bowls, a fire element can take your landscape to the next level. It also gives you as a homeowner plenty of creative liberty over your space in a new and exciting way. 

It can be tricky to choose what suits your needs best with so many options available. But each piece can add a different charming aspect to your landscape with a simple touch.

Fire Pits

A popular choice for outdoor entertaining is the ever-useful fire pit. It provides a place for leisure where you and your guests can gather around and enjoy the warmth and comfort of the fire. They also provide an interesting focal point for any parties or family gatherings you might have. 

They can be used as a place to talk and tell stories, or you can have your own campfire cookout right in your backyard. They come in a variety of forms that vary in style and shape so they will suit the aesthetic of your backyard. It can be constructed with stonework, metal, a mixture of both, or even marble. 

Fire Bowls

A fire bowl is ideal for nearby a pool as it is less of a center point for gathering and works more as a place for casual warming. Once you’ve been swimming all day and a chill starts to settle in they can be hugely beneficial. They also add a gentle, warm ambiance while you’re grilling or enjoying the pool. 

With this little added element you can change the atmosphere of your backyard entirely. Not only does it add function, but charm as well. They can be made of ceramic, stone, tile, metal, and other common materials. 

Fire Tables

The appeal of a fire table has everything to do with function. It isn’t just somewhere you gather to sit and talk, but where you can have your meals and entertain in a comfortable and unique way. These can either run on natural gas or propane and have a multitude of sleek and modern styles to suit the aesthetic needs of your landscape. 

Imagine all of the evenings you will spend with friends or family enjoying a meal around the warmth and ambiance of a proper fire. 


There are many options to consider if you’re wanting to go the route of a wood burning piece in your backyard. There are wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and of course the trusty fire pit that can add a rustic charm to any home. There are even portable wood burning appliances such as the SoloStove or Breo which can help your fire be virtually smokeless.  

The scent and the crackling of a wood fire can be very enticing for you, your family and guests.

How We Can Help

Regardless of what exactly you’re looking for to liven up the landscape of your backyard, we know how to help. Our expertise is making a simple house into a home by adding your creativity into the mix. We are the premier home builder, consultant, and renovator in our area.  It is our passion and our mission to provide our clients with homes that will serve them, their families, and their children for years to come. 

As part of your new custom home or existing home renovation/remodel, we are happy to guide you in selecting the fire pieces to beautify your landscape. 

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