Sonos For Your Full Home Sound System?

Many homeowners are leaning towards Sonos as a whole-home music system. What’s there not to love about the smart wireless multi-room audio? After all, it offers a unique way to enjoy your audio system. Let’s go into the specifics, and you will see why you should consider opting for Sonos as your whole home audio system.

Features of Sonos:

Limitless Music Library

One of the most impressive features of Sonos as a whole-house audio system is its expensive streaming library. With Sonos, there is no limit to the songs you can listen to. You not only get to play songs from your playlist, but you can also stream music online and do it from any room in your home.

Simultaneous Playing

Another fantastic feature of Sonos is that it lets you play different music from different rooms. Imagine enjoying your favorite country music uninterrupted while your teen daughter rocks to pop music in her room and your teenage son listens to his favorite rap album. Different premium sounds can be streamed around your home. Nobody has to disturb the other.

Ease of Control

Sonos provides a way to manage your home audio with zero hassle. Once you install Sonos as your full home sound system, the rest is easy. You don’t really need technical know-how to operate it. This audio system is designed with an intuitive app that lets you play—or stream—and control your music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Easy peasy, right?

Merging of Old and New Systems

You don’t have to discard your existing audio system. You can integrate your new setup into your existing home automation system. A Sonos connect amp lets you convert your speakers into a music streaming device. It doesn’t require much. Just attach the amplifier, and you can start streaming music to your room.

No Call Disturbance

Most wireless speaker systems are designed to stream music through Bluetooth connection. This means that your music gets to pause whenever a text or phone call comes into your phone. Not with Sonos. With Sonos, you can enjoy an uninterrupted music experience. Because it is designed to stream music through a wireless internet connection, the music keeps playing regardless of the notifications your phone receives.  

Wireless System

Most full-home sound systems are set up with a lot of wires. Imagine how messy the display of wires can be. Not to think of the stress of dealing with so many wires and making sure they are plugged correctly. Sonos, on the other hand, has a wireless control system. It is controlled through an app that allows you to play music from your phone. This means considerably fewer wires and, subsequently, less mess.

Customizable For Any Home

Whether your home is very big or small, you can get a Sonos system that suits it. From Play:1 to Play:5, Sonos comes in a wide array of options that can fit into your needs. Our team are well equipped to size up your home and determine what Sonos system is the right fit for your space. And if in the future you wish to expand the system, you can get it done.

Is It Worth The Money?

Maybe you’re considering Sonos as an audio solution for your home, but you’ve checked online, and the price seems to scare you off. You doubt it’s going to be worth it. Let’s go on a short trip to revisit history. Sonos came about as a brand in 2005 at a time when home audio was wired systems with separate amplifiers, loudspeakers, and of course, cables. There were three major problems with the pre-existing systems:

  • Audio can’t stream across multiple rooms simultaneously – even if it’s the same stream.
  • They came in large components that occupied space
  • They were designed with many cables that can be messy

Sonos as a company sought to solve these problems, and with every product release, they did. Following its success in the market, other brands such as Apple have developed their own multi-room audio systems. Most of them have actually priced their products higher than Sonos. Compared to its competitors, Sonos multi-room audio is designed to match every home’s listening requirements, no matter how out of the box it might seem. But at the same time, it is not the most expensive on the market. There are even newly introduced speakers like the Play 1 that are more affordable.

Sonos as a brand offers a distinguishing level of usability, sound quality, and longevity. These three qualities make any Sonos system you get for your home worth every penny. Sonos might not be suitable for people who are after cheap bluetooth speakers. But if you’re looking for a blend of quality sound, convenience, and wireless functionality, Sonos is just for you.

How to Choose The Right Sonos Speakers for You

There is a wide variety of Sonos speakers, from the Move to the Beam. And recently, the company has introduced more updated sets of speakers. Our team of A/V experts are equipped to help you determine which Sonos set best suits your lifestyle needs. 

With the right set of professionals, there is so much you can achieve with Sonos. There are a ton of ways you can configure your Sonos system. For example, you can configure yours to fill every room with music once you press a button. Sonos offers a distinguished level of full home audio system. Get the right pick, and you’ll be glad you did.

If you’re looking to install whole home audio or upgrade your existing audio system to Sonos, please consider talking with our experienced team. Having been in the business of building custom homes and renovating and remodeling existing homes all around our region, we are undoubtedly your best go-to.

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