Driveway Options

The exterior appearance of your home is just as important as the interior. When you drive up to your house, of course, you should be happy with what you see, and that includes your driveway. 

Whatever your tastes might be, there is a driveway option to suit your style. Whether you’re looking for something modern, traditional, or a little creative, there are several options for materials and driveway shapes to consider that can be customized for your needs. 


Driveways can be made from many different materials these days, allowing you to have much control over the exterior aesthetic of your home. There are natural materials, eco-friendly, and more traditional or elegant options that can add a touch of sophistication to your home. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for and customize things to your liking. 


You’ll find that most driveways in North America are asphalt, as they hold heat well, which means snow won’t stick as easy. Asphalt is an affordable and practical option.  Asphalt driveways may need to be sealed and resealed every few years. Even with this drawback, it is still a relatively common option and has remained so throughout the years.  


Brick driveways ooze elegance and may remind one of pulling up to a manor in the British countryside. If your house is also made of brick, you can either have the driveway match the color and type, or you can vary it by using a style that will go well with your architectural scheme. This option is pricier than most, but it does add a beautiful touch to your home that will make it attractive to potential buyers should you want to sell in the future.  

These are highly customizable and will be durable enough to withstand conditions. 


A loose gravel driveway is also a popular option as it has a rustic charm and practicality that many find appealing. Especially if you live somewhere that ice and snow are an inevitable part of every season, gravel is a practical option as snow and ice won’t stick to it. It is a durable material that can be customized based on the type of gravel you select. You can choose to use varying sizes, colors, and textures. Gravel driveways create a no-slip surface so you can be sure your car will be safe when pulling up to your house during a storm.  

Gravel is an excellent option for those who favor durability and affordability. 

Permeable Pavers

Like brick, permeable pavers are certainly a more expensive option but one that adds a lot of charm and potential resale value to your home. Pavers can be customized by type, shape, color, and they require very little maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. Pavers add a touch of elegance to your home’s exterior aesthetic and can be a charming accent, especially when lined with foliage.  

All in all, permeable pavers are a wonderful option if you’re looking for a modern and sophisticated touch to add to your home. 

Stamped Concrete

This option has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its customizability. You can easily alter the appearance of the exterior of your home by adding a custom stamped concrete pattern to your driveway. Some people may opt for a simple marbling effect, while others might prefer designs like longhorns or seashells to personalize their home. Stamped concrete driveways are easy to seal and more affordable than their brick or paver counterparts.  

While this style of driveway doesn’t require much maintenance, excessive cold can be damaging and cause cracking. Stamped concrete driveways are still a viable option, however, if this look is what you’re seeking. 


Concrete poured driveways are another standard option that doesn’t require a lot of extra work. Concrete driveways can be customized, but a concrete driveway’s simplicity can be incredibly appealing. They don’t need much maintenance and work in any part of the U.S without worry concerning cracking or frequent resealing.  

These are a basic but still excellent option for any homeowner. 


A dirt driveway evokes images of country roads and cozy cabins, so if you’re looking for a more rustic look, you’ll find it with this option. Dirt driveways, however, can be a bit problematic, so keep in mind that you get what you pay for. They are highly affordable but also prone to damage caused by the elements.  

Dirt driveways can be fickle, but if this style is what you want, they can easily be constructed to suit your needs. 


Cobblestones evoke a feeling of fantasy. When you imagine a cobblestone driveway, you probably imagine something fanciful, like the drive up to a castle or an estate out in the country. But you can have a cobblestone driveway if you’d like. While cobblestone may be on the pricier side, it is a charming feature that can even add a more natural element to your home’s exterior architecture. While to some, cobblestone may seem a little old-fashioned and not worth the effort, cobblestone driveways are surprisingly durable and will withstand the elements.  

If you want a touch of the fanciful without detracting from your home’s aesthetic, this is a great way to go. 

Crushed Basalt

Crushed basalt driveways are essentially gravel driveways but with higher-quality materials than your average crushed rock. Crushed basalt provides better drainage, so it is particularly appropriate for rainy or icy locations. It is also a beautiful shade of dark black, so you can add a bit of an elegant touch to your driveway with minimal maintenance or effort involved.  

Crushed basalt is also a reasonably affordable option, so you can upgrade from regular gravel with minimal increased costs. 

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass has become a fairly common option in recent years as well. With the push towards using eco-friendly materials, recycled glass has become a fantastic alternative to traditional poured or gravel driveways. They also add a bit of visual interest to your driveway since many are speckled with colored fragments of glass.  

Recycled glass is both eco-friendly and affordable, making it a great option for the modern homeowner. 


The shape of your driveway can have a significant effect on the aesthetic home’s exterior. You can go traditional or get a little bit creative with it, but either way, your choices have both aesthetic and practical impacts. If you’re planning on entertaining often or you want to keep your vehicles parked in your driveway, some shapes may be more appropriate than others. 


A straight driveway is what you likely think of when you envision a traditional driveway. Straight driveways are straightforward and simple and don’t offer any bells or whistles. This driveway style is practical if it will lead to a garage as there won’t be any inclines or twists and turns that your car will need to contend with. Straight driveways also don’t need to be planned out as meticulously as other driveway shapes.  

If you have a modest design or a smaller house, a straight driveway will make the most of your space without detracting from it. 


A curved driveway is a good option for properties that aren’t modular, and they provide both practicality and a touch of visual interest to your landscape. Especially if you’ve planted flowers, trees, or other foliage along the driveway, a curved driveway can make the drive more enjoyable. Curved driveways are relatively simple to install and can make a property more attractive without too much effort.  

A curved driveway is a simple feature that can be more interesting when designed by a professional. 


A U-shaped driveway may be the right choice for properties on an incline as they provide cars with a bit of space, so they aren’t hugging the road. They also allow for creative landscaping in the front of the home. 


If you’re looking for something to amp up the elegance in your home in a simple way, a circular drive can be an attractive focal point for the exterior of your home. It’s also the perfect option if you entertain often and don’t want your guests to park on the street. Landscaping that uses and highlights plants or sculptures can make a circular driveway appear especially sophisticated. 


Y-shaped driveways are the perfect option for someone with a creatively shaped home that includes more than one garage. They are a helpful option spatially and provide your space with a truly modern look. Y-shaped driveways can create a transition, so the front of your house isn’t cluttered and instead has a clear, well-defined entrance. 

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