Cover Your Luxury Outdoor Living Area with a Powered or Non-Powered Pergola

Installing a pergola certainly raises the bar for your outdoor area. Beyond beautiful aesthetics, an outdoor living space with a pergola serves as a breathable shade of cover.  From more traditional pergolas to even pergolas in which the louvers open and shut with a remote control, there are many choices available.

In general, pergola improves the overall outdoor appeal of your home and creates a more comfortable environment. Today, you can choose from many types of pergolas. 

Different pergolas come with specific pros, cons, and uses. So, make sure to get the pergola that caters to your needs.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the benefits, uses, and design ideas of installing pergola to your outdoor living space:

Best Design Ideas and Uses: Learn to Make the Most Out of Your Pergola

You can install a pergola in virtually any outdoor living space. For instance, you can add a pergola alongside a balcony deck, pool deck, outdoor eating area, and even a fire pit. With more outdoor settings you can have more options to enjoy different types of pergolas.

Apart from the aesthetic beauty of the pergolas, they come in various functions and features. For example, most homeowners choose to install a pergola to create added space for verandas and increase the flow of open air while providing some shade.

If you enjoy gardening, installing a pergola can create more vertical space into your garden. You can practically create a beautiful garden up in the air and hang your favorite plants and flowers. Plus, you can design and restructure the ceiling boards of pergolas for even more visual appeal.

Curtain Call

You can install a bohemian or culture-specific curtain with mounted beams in your pergola. You can tie the curtains to let in the sunshine and airflow for a more private and romantic outdoor living space. After that, you can add wood chairs and potted plants to add more beauty to your outdoor setting.

Side Curtains

Invoke elegant charm by installing a pergola with light white or grey curtains to one or both sides. If you want more privacy, you can get a thicker material with a variety of bold colors. Just make sure your curtain material matches your specific needs.

Slide and Sleek

Another way to modernize your outdoor space setting is through the installation of wood-based pergola with sleek lines. You can make the roof cover retractable to control exactly how much moonlight or sunlight you want to pass in the pergola. 

Modern Minimalist

Create a modern outdoor look with pergola essentials such as shade, seating, and privacy. In fact, the minimalist approach often appeals more to homeowners than heavily designed and structured pergola designs.

Geometric Screens

If you want to stay away from the usual pergola designs, you can opt for more imaginative and creative geometric style roof and screens in your pergola.

Garden Pod

If you want to take the privacy to the next level, install a corner-style garden pod pergola. It is essentially a pergola-based traditional box that you can fit in a medium-sized or small backyard.

Understand the Power of Powered Pergola First

A motorized or powered pergola with the help of a louvered roof can expand your outdoor living space. Your roof louvers can rotate at 120 degrees, which means you can control exactly how much shade, sunlight, and flow of air you want in the space with a single click of a button. Similarly, you can count on an automatic rain sensor to close your louvers at the start of any rain.

As much as the traditional approach to pergolas matter, the modern powered pergolas are in a league and class of their own. It may come as a surprise to you, but powered pergolas can withstand harsh weather conditions, speedy winds, and mountainous snow loads. Plus, you can enhance your powered pergola with more add-ons such as heaters, screens, lighting, gutter systems, and more.

Powered Pergola: What are the Main Benefits?

Here are the essential benefits of installing a pergola to your outdoor living space:

ImprovedHome Value

Whether you want to install an outdoor pergola to your backyard, pool area, or garden, it will add more value to your home. Outdoor living was already popular, but during the pandemic crisis, people now want to make their backyard, pool area, and garden more spacious, comfortable, and beautiful.

A pergola offers a heightened sense of relaxation in a finished outdoor setting. It combines the architectural beauty of your home and nature to create a unique look. In time you view the addition of pergola as an investment.

More Privacy and Protection

You can’t enjoy outdoor space without shades that offer privacy and protection. In fact, most people avoid spending more time in outdoor space because of the lack of privacy. Your pergola, however, serves as your own private dome. It offers you a personal space to create and think freely.

You can opt for a drape-style pergola to create even more privacy. You can also get a cabana-style pergola for minimalist appeal and still maintain privacy.

Serves as an Another Home Extension

One of the highlights of installing a pergola is that it extends the usability and flow of your outdoor space. Whether you select a free-standing or attached pergola, it will create a separate outdoor extension with your home. When you have a dedicated defined space, you can use a pergola for outdoor entertainment and create seamless home-to-pergola outdoor transitions.

The Ultimate Outdoor Space Upgrade

A pergola can turn your traditional and rustic outdoor space into a modern getaway. Once you figure out the details to install a new pergola into your backyard, it would represent a far better and bigger upgrade than an uncovered outdoor patio. The newest pergola designs include modern, classic, and contemporary options. You can try a combination of pergola designs to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Final Thoughts

You can get a pergola in metal or wood structure without having to worry about constant maintenance. But even a simple pergola has the power to transform your entire outdoor living space. Despite build quality and structure, the benefits outweigh the limitations.

So, if you’ve been reluctant about installing a new pergola into your outdoor space, now might be the perfect time to add one. The modern pergola options allow you to expand on top of your old school pergola designs. Whether it’s the absence of latticed walls or louvered roof, you should be able to find what you’re looking for.

Living with a pergola is an experience you deserve to enjoy. 

If you want to incorporate any type of pergola into your remodel/renovation or new custom home, we are eager to guide you through the process and options.  

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